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Is a Good Manager a Good Leader?


Most of the people think that a good manager is always a good leader; unfortunately, these two things are different from each other. Basically, a leader is the one who leads and inspires other people to follow him. He innovates new policies that drive people in the direction they believe is the best for an organization. On the other hand, a manager is the one who manages and improves the existing status quo. They simply administer the ideas of the leaders and carry the vision of leader by ensuring that employees follow the same. A good manager makes his/her team happy and satisfy. Thus, a manager can be a leader, but a leader may not be necessarily a manager. In more simple words you can say that, leadership is the subset of management. But for a proper and good organization, both the leadership and management skills are needed.

Now, we will observe the key differences between a leader and a manager:

Leader Leads and Manager Follows

Leaders being very creative and innovative, can lead the people and they have the courage to face the challenges that others are afraid of. They actively listen to other people; knowing their prospective and views. Managers act as the engine, which bring the policies into practice. They make sure that the employees are working according to the rules and regulations.

Leaders are Innovators and Managers are Followers

 Leaders always try to innovate new ideas and then form new policies which they think are good for the people. They build up new structures to enable execution. While managers just make their employees to follow the policies that are already being formed. 

Leaders Challenge the Status Quo

Everysingle leader that has ever wanted to bring greatness, has had to challenge the status quo. But many are afraid to do so, because this may lead them to danger. To challenge the status quo, one needs a big heart, an open mind and an open will. To challenge the status quo, leader must take fearless risks, brave decisions and courageous actions. While managers are very strict to their rules and regulations. They bound the workers to certain limitations.

Leader Gives You the Credit and Manager Takes the Credit

Leader do not wait for the assignments rather they build up organizations and help managers to understand their functions. Leader study the organizations and contribute beyond their role to make ease for the managers. In simple words, leaders want you to win, while managers want to win.

Leader are Visionary, Managers are Tactical

Leaders have highly creative mindset, which enable them to form long term visions for the people. Leader give strategic vision and tangible goals. They always try to give long term goals. On the other hand, managers do not have vision for redefining the organization. Indeed, good management talk about defined goals or vision and practicing them into detailed plans.

Leaders Develop Personalities While Managers Train Them

Leaders develop the personality and creativity of their people through continued study and learning for longer terms while managers just train and dictate people; how and what to do.

Manager is a Position; Leader is a Quality

Manager is a title, that is a set of rules and regulations. They hold a special reputation and status. Thus, have power over some people. While leader is a quality. One cannot be a leader if, he/she has not a creative and sharp personality.

All in all, both leadership and management are two different things but are equally important for any institution, business or any organization. Good leadership qualities in a manager can boost up the level of organization, otherwise it is not possible.

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