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Is PubG the most popular battle royale game?

The amazing team of developers, designers, directors, and the other roles at the heart of PubG have made it really the best battle royale game of this era. In this post, I’m going to argue why PubG is the best game. Let’s explore.

Graphics are Insane

The graphics quality in PubG is almost near to the real. You can experience the perfect moves, crystal-clear appearance, and the sharpness in PubG Mobile’s images. The color shades are perfect. All this make PubG a great game to enjoy.

Sound Effects

While playing the game, you can shoutout using the sounds from a decent collection. There are pre-made voice templates to call your teammates for help, to alert them of enemies and so on. They are interesting. And when a bullet hits you, the sound produced by the charter is realistic. In short, you will find each and every sound to be realistic, and very interesting.


Guns in PubG are named behind the real-world guns. Not only their names are matched to the real guns, but their sounds, damager rate, the appearance, and everything else is matched to the real ones. For example, the famous Arctic Warfare Magnum is where an accurate and high-damage sniper in the real world, it is as damaging and as accurate in the PubG game too.

Other Features

When you jump down from a plan, the landing effect, the affect of gravitational force on your landing, and everything else is perfect. The intense of the game is at the peak and all the players competing with you are real.

The Drawbacks

It is a fact that nothing is perfect in the world, and same applies to the machines, and computers. Where PubG is the best battle royale game of 2020, it has some drawbacks to, that include the increasing number of hackers, bots, and tricks in the game, sometimes the glitches, lags, and the bulky size of the game.


Overall, PubG is an amazing game to play. Go download and install the game and start playing it on the go. You will never regret it.

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