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Solstice and Equinox

List of Solstice Celebrations

Summer solstice celebrated every year around the Northern Hemisphere in June. The exact Date of the Summer Solstice depends upon the time zone. Usually it happens between 20 and 22 June.

Summer solstice 2020 will be celebrated on June 20. This will be the longest of the year 2020 and will mark the start of the summer. People celebrate this day with a new hope and energy in them to prove t

Summer solstice festivals are soon be planned. Many countries / people celebrate this day with a full zeal zest. Relatives and friends gather at significant places to enjoy the food, dances, music, bonfires etc. This festival is celebrated with old pagan ways in many countries. So this day is has cultural and historical importance for people. Some famous celebrations are listed here.

  • Yoga in India
  • Dog meat eating in China
  • Stonehenge Sun Rise of summer solstice
  • Bonfires at Tirol  
  • Scandinavia’s Midsummer Festival
  •  China’s Dragon Boat Festival
  • Santa Barbara Solstice Parade
  • Sunset Between the Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt

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