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Top 5 Cricket Grounds in the World


Cricket is unknown without lords. Lords cricket ground is the greatest historical cricket venue in the world. It was built in 1814 and named after Thomas lords. Lords is also called home of cricket. The venue has a storage capacity for 30,000 spectators. Players dream about playing in Lords. Let’s have a little journey through Lord’s history. In 1827 the first Oxford Versace Cambridge match took place in Lord’s host, it was the first test match with England beating Australia by an inning and 5 runs. Lords hosted its first one day in 1972. In 1975 Lords hosted the first cricket men world cup.  2019 world cup was also hosted by Lords. Lords hosted 5 ICC cricket world cup matches, including its 5th men’s final which is the most by any cricket ground. England won the world cup 2019 in Lords after edging New Zealand by boundaries stuck, in the closest ODI match of all time.

The Oval

The magnificent Oval cricket ground is one of the most charming and attractive cricketing spot in the world. It is an international cricket ground in Kenning-ton London. The Oval venue is blessed to host first cricket test match on September 1880. The famous test series Ashes has been created here which is a landmark for this ground.  It is a genuine global sporting venue. The Oval location vibe is great and enough to energize the crowd. This comfortable cricket ground has 25,500 capacity for watchers. The Oval cricket ground is one of the greatest cricket stadiums in the world.  The ground has a Oval shape and there are quality pitches in Oval.

Melbourne Cricket Ground  (MCG )

The mighty MCG is well known for its huge spectacular view. It is world’s biggest cricket stadium. The 2015 world cup final was hosted by MCG. The atmosphere of MCG is regarded as a best cricketing environment in the world. The waves of cricket are spread from the center of ground to all the spectators. The MCG ground is very eye catching and attention catcher for lookers. The ground is very famous for its mighty space and structures beauty. It is also known as The G is an Australian sports stadium located in Yarra Park; Melbourne, Victoria founded and managed by Melbourne cricket club. MCG is the largest sports arena. It is the 10th largest sports stadium in the world. The total capacity of stadium is 100,024, which is the largest by any cricket ground.

Eden Gardens Kolkata

Eden Gardens Kolkata is one of the mesmerizing cricket ground around the globe.  It is known as the home of Indian cricket. It has a great reputation in the world as one of the most historical and dominant cricket in the world. Eden Gardens was established in 1864. The oldest cricket ground of India. Eden Gardens ground is widely acknowledged as one of the most iconic cricket stadium in the world. The owner of the stadium is cricket association of Bengal. Eden Gardens is the home venue of the Indian premier leagues franchise Kolkata Knight Riders. Eden Garden is known for cricket’s answer to coliseum. It is the 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world and the largest stadium of India in terms of capacity. The ground has capacity for 68,000 crowd, now the ground has 94000 crowds after its upgrade.

Wanderers Stadium Johannesburg

The Wanderer’s Cricket Stadium Johannesburg is the best cricket ground of South Africa. The ground is recognized as one of the best international cricketing venue. It comes in the list of number 5 in the world as a top ground. The ground has capacity for 34000 spectators. The ground was built in 1956; the ground is among the most important cricket ground of 21st century. The 2003 men’s world cup final was held at wanderer’s stadium. The stadium has also hosted the first ever T20 world cup in 2007 which is played between India and Pakistan which is the grace under fire.

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