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spam score

What is spam score?

A single backlink might not harm much but one these backlink overtook your site then it could lead to disastrous consequences. The rankings could have been unsuccessful if the backlinks keep on spreading to your site.

One of the major reasons for the loss in rankings is these spam links. Such junk links lead to penalization, deindexing and losses in the ranking by Google. It makes is very important to prevent these junk files to do any more damage and get rid of them at all costs.

To keep these junk away we, fortunately, have a scoring metric that is designed to get rid of these backlinks which are called Spam Score.

Spam Score in simple words is a rating system which was designed by Moz in the year 2015. It simply predicts the chances of subdomain spam on a website. It comprises 17 different flags and each flag links to a specific spam indicator which is defined by Moz’s Research team. The main function of these flags is to help you decide if a subdomain of a backlink pointing to your website is unnatural or not. It validates if the link is spam or not.

Spam score epitomizes the proportion of sites with comparable features that we have found to be reprimanded or disqualified by Google. The score determines the degree to which a site is a spam or not. If the spam score is high for your site or the website you are searching it doesn’t mean that its spam but it indicates that you need carefully check the relevance and value of the site.

A spam score is a tool that helps to avoid any junk to get rid of the bad rankings. It helps you get rid of any junk or backlink.

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